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  • South Central Works16 jul 2022

    Welcome to South Central Works, the official podcast of the South Central Workforce Council. In this podcast, you'll discover how to make our workforce stronger for the future.

  • Telehealth TalkGezondheid en fitness, Geneeskunde 26 mrt

    Telehealth Talk is a podcast from the South Central Telehealth Resource Center. Each month, us as we connect with telehealth professionals to present stories, experiences, presentations, and advice that will support novices and experts along their telehealth journeys.

  • Down South Hockey - A Nashville Predators Fan PodcastSport 4 nov 2022

    Down South Hockey is a podcast covering the Central Division Nashville Predators & other relevant NHL news.

  • Bleav in South CarolinaSport 1 dec 2022

    Tune in as former Gameco*ck Running Back Marcus Lattimore joins Mike Uva of Gameco*ck Central and South Carolina Alumni Reporter Nick Klos to talk all things South Carolina Football.

  • The Central Coast House Music Collective PodcastKunst, Muziek 1 apr

    Join Senor Winston, Ferrero and their guests for the best underground House Music. Coming to you from the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia

  • Yusha EvansReligie en spiritualiteit 23 mei

    He was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina in a very conservative Christian home. In his early teens he became heavily involved in the church near his home and in Young Life, a non-denominational youth oriented organization with the intention of becoming involved in the ministry of teaching and preaching. He intended to enrol in Bob Jones University, a world-renowned Bible College in his hometown upon graduating high school, but in the summer of 1996 his life changed. Upon studying the bible from cover to cover and realizing many things were askew, and a lot of what he believed his entire life was not in line with what his research found, he left Christianity and went in search of the truth. After many twist and turns, ups and downs and after looking at the many world religions searching for the tangible proof of the right way of life he encountered a Muslim, and was given a Qur’an. After reading the Qur’an cover to cover he accepted Islam in the winter of 1998.

    Yusha (Joshua) Evans Currently works as a full-time lecturer and caller to Islam, as well as teaching workshops that have taken him all across the globe. He is the founder and co-founder of two Islamic television stations in North America as well has appeared on many Islamic stations throughout the world. He has studied under numerous teachers and scholars in the various sciences of Islam and is a Psychology major. He is currently studying under Shaykh Waleed Al-Menesse, one of the world’s foremost Scholars in the Qur’an and its various sciences. He also is a multiple discipline Black belt holder.

  • Sheikh Bilal Ismail was born in Durban, South Africa. He is one of three siblings and comes from a religious traditional hanafi family. Sheikh Bilal is an AlKauthar Instructor as well as the head of AlKauthar Students Guild. He is the founder and Director of the Imam Development Program.

    He memorized the Quran while studying at school and went on to complete high school in 1998. Sheikh Bilal then went on to do a diploma in Computer Science in 1999, as well as qualifying as a Microsoft certified systems engineer. He was accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah in 2001 where he completed his Diploma in Arabic followed by a BA in Islamic Law from the faculty of Shariah.

    Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury says about him: “He was always one of the most studious people I have met and he never wasted time whilst in Madinah.” Also: “Sheikh Bilal is a personal friend of mine and I would describe him to be a true student of knowledge – someone who speaks with knowledge and is of the highestadaband morals.”

    After graduating, he returned to South Africa where he had been teaching Fiqh and Tafsir weekly classes in Durban since the summer of 2007 and says he is “still a student of knowledge – and will always be!”

  • Tariq ApplebyReligie en spiritualiteit, Islam, Spiritualiteit 4 apr 2023

    Tariq Appleby was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. His family background is a mix of Malay, Indian and European descent; his great grandfather was English.

    After completing High school Tariq attended the Islamic University of Madinah to pursue Islamic studies. He completed his Diploma in Arabic and then in 2007 graduated with a B.A. in Hadith studies. His time in Madinah coincided with that of his friend and colleague Bilal Ismail. During that time they both studied basic Fiqh with Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury and also with other scholars in Madinah.

    Sheikh Tariq Appleby has taught for a number of Islamic centres in Cape Town, and is currently working as a teacher in the Discover Islam Centre (DIC) with Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick. He also teaches with Al-Hijra foundation, which offers short courses and youth programmes in Cape Town.

    Sheikh Tariq is married with child; his hobbies include hiking and martial arts. He joins the AlKauthar family of tutors where he is specialising in courses for the Hadith faculty Insha’Allah.

  • Ebrahim BhamReligie en spiritualiteit, Islam, Spiritualiteit 24 mei

    Moulana Ebrahim Ismail Bham was born and raised in South Africa. He has attained his masters in the Islamic sciences and theology under great traditional scholars. Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham is known to be one of the most active scholars in South Africa for education, development, advocacy and interfaith. He has served in various capacities in South Africa at Newtown Islamic Institute, Al-Aqsa Institute, Mayfair Jami Masjid, and Hamidia Masjid Newtown as the Imaam.

    He frequently travels the world for Da’wah and lectures, including countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Somalia, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka & Malawi.

    Moulana Ebrahim I. Bham is the founder member and chairman of Johannesburg Muslim School, executive committee member of National Religious Leaders Council (Initiated By South Africans for Greater Liaison between Religious Groups and Government), and also an executive member of the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA). Moulana is also a founding member and director of ASRI (Auwal Socioeconomic Research Institute) which is a pluralist domestic public policy institute that conducts Applied Research, Prototyping and Advocacy in South Africa
    Moulana is presently the general-secretary of the Council of Muslim Theologians in Johannesburg, South Africa ( Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife and three children.

  • Taha KaraanReligie en spiritualiteit 23 feb

    Shaykh Taha Karaan is a Shafi’i researcher born in Cape Town, South Africa to a family eminent in both its maternal and fatherly ancestry for Islamic grant. His dad, Shaykh Yusuf Karaan, is one of the most established and most recognized Islamic researchers in the Cape. Shaykh Yusuf – well known for his interpretation of a large portion of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandhlawi’s original works – right now sits as the boss Magistrate for Islamic Civil Matters in the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC).

    Shaykh Taha Karaan finished his Qur’anic remembrance in one year at the Waterfall Islamic Institute, the most seasoned Islamic theological college in South Africa. Amid his stay, he helped with the altering of the Qur’anic prints that the Institute has ended up well known for the world over. In the wake of completing four years of the ‘alim course in two years, he traveled to the Indian sub-mainland and Dar al-Ulum Deoband, moving on from that point in 1991 with the most astounding of qualifications – as did his dad – in a class of more than 700 understudies. He then went to the Middle East and finished a two-year graduate certificate at the Higher Institute for Islamic Studies in Cairo, Egypt.

    Shaykh Taha Karaan is the beneficiary of various chains of transmission (ijazaat) – from very much regarded researchers in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among others – in various fields of Islamic study.

    At present, Shaykh Taha Karaan is an individual from the Ifta’ Department of the MJC, and sits as an official individual from the Muslim Personal Law Board and on the Islamic Advisory Board of ABSA, one of South Africa’s national banks. He is a looked for after speaker at Islamic symposia and gatherings however goes to them sparingly, wanting to invest the vast majority of his energy at the Islamic theological school, Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah, that he established in 1996. The instructive push of the theological school reflects Shaykh Taha’s own particular spearheading vision and responsibility to unequivocally interface with the difficulties of the present day age through the twin goals of conservation and advancement.

    In his instructing, composing and lawful verdicts (fatawa), Shaykh Taha Karaan routinely addresses contemporary issues, for example, the difficulties of post-advancement, woman’s rights, Islamic financial aspects and money, the old and new orientalisms, and fiqh issues influencing diaspora Muslim groups.

    His understudies (and creators of this history) depict him as perfectly skilled with all encompassing information; had of a close photographic memory; an unquenchable bookworm inside of the Islamic sciences and without; an instructor that never stops to motivate; blessed with an exquisite calligraphic hand and an affinity for verse; completely unassuming, lovely, splendid and kind.

  • Habib BobatReligie en spiritualiteit 20 apr 2023

    Shaykh Habib Bobat is a scholar, lecturer, and media personality hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. With over a decade of experience in the field of media, Shaykh Bobat has established himself as a respected figure in the field.

    Currently, Shaykh Bobat serves as a radio presenter and Head of Department at Radio Islam International, a prominent South African radio station. Shaykh Bobat hosts the Early Breakfast Show on weekdays from 5-6am and the Afternoon Show from 3-4pm. Additionally, he features on the popular marriage program on Saturdays from 9-10am.

    Beyond his media work, Shaykh Bobat is a lecturer in Islamic sciences.

    Shaykh frequently travels to deliver lectures and conduct workshops.

    Furthermore, Shaykh is also a member of the Jamiat ul Ulama SA.

    Through his various roles and responsibilities, Shaykh Bobat continues to make a significant contribution to the community and serves as a source of inspiration for many.

  • Seeds for SuccessOnderwijs, Overheid 20 mei

    Seeds for Success is a show where we have a good yarn about ag life with producers who are having a go. On the show, you'll hear from farmers in New South Wales who are out there battling the elements, making tough calls and getting the job done. You'll get a laugh out of some of their stories, and also pick-up some know-how along the way. Produced by Central West Local Land Services.

  • Straight Up podcast is a GOM Central Project, from Relationships Australia. This is a podcast made for people who've been in care, and it's made with people who've been in care.

    Relationships Australia South Australia's (RASA) Post Care Support Services offers support in the form of counselling, support work, case work, groceries, social groups, advocacy, connecting with family and culture, and brokerage.

  • Muhammad WestReligie en spiritualiteit 27 apr

    Shaykh Muhammad West spent most of is youth growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Muhammad West went on to complete a degree in Islamic theology and dawa at the Islamic University of Madina while studying a degree in accounting science through the University of South Africa via correspondence concurrently.

    Muhammad West returned to Cape Town in 2011 where he qualified as a chartered accountant of South Africa.

    Muhammad West is a married father of 3, the resident imam of the Boorhaanol Islam mosque and senior accountant at one of the world’s largest clothing retailers.

  • Sunday SermonsReligie en spiritualiteit 26 nov 2023

    The people of Central Methodist Mission (like all people) are born in love, by love and for love. As a community we are on a journey to realise this loving truth about all of humanity and all of creation. We desire to live life loved and we desire to live life lovingly. We live out this desire within the specific context of Cape Town, South Africa – the southern-most city in Africa. Our understanding of love is defined by the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus.

  • Sulaiman MoolaReligie en spiritualiteit, Islam, Spiritualiteit 17 apr

    Shaykh Sulaiman Moola (may Allah preserve him) began studying the sacred sciences at an early age. After having completed the memorization of the Quran at the age of 14 in 1989, for the next seven years he went on to study the Islamic sciences which include Arabic (and all its related sciences becoming especially fluent in Arabic poetry), Tafsir, Hadith, Aqidah and Fiqh (specializing in the Hanafi School).

    Having studied under senior ulama from South Africa and the Indian Subcontinent and receiving ijazah from them, he went on to teach at various Madaris in South Africa including Dar al-Uloom Zakariyya.

  • Zahir MahmoodReligie en spiritualiteit 10 apr

    Shaykh Zahir Mahmood was born in England of United Kingdom. Following the completion of his formal state education at the age of 16, he enrolled at Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyya al-Islamiyya, Bury, where he initiated his studies of the Alimiya course. Thereafter, he studied 3 years in the prestigious seat of learning al-Jamia al-Islamiyya, Karachi, Pakistan.

    He went on to complete his Alimiya course at the pioneering Dar al-Uloom Newcastle, South Africa, which has since been used as a template for other seats of learning in the region. Here, the Shaykh’s studies included a detailed analysis of Sahih al-Bukhari with the renowned Scholar Shaykh Qasim Seema. Returning back to the UK, he gained a BA in Applied Theological Studies from the University of Birmingham and taught the Alimiya course at Madina al-Uloom Kidderminster for a subsequent 2 years. He also translated part of the classical Hanafi text of Fiqh, al-Shurunbulali’s Nur al-Idah in English.

    The Shaykh currently lives in the Birmingham and captivates the heart of youths with motivation and encouragement to change. He has mastered many sciences such as Quran, Fiqh and Hadith and is licensed to teach them (Ijazah) in many Islamic Sciences from various Shuyukh. He currently teaches at the As-Suffa Institute, Birmingham.

    He has taught many workshops, including Arabic at various levels and Seerah (The Life of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and also delivered countless talks about the Sahabah (Companions of The Prophet (Peace be upon him). He has endeavoured to reach out to the youth both locally and nationally by travelling throughout the country delivering talks and lectures in order to motivate the Muslim masses to become the best of people.

  • Jonathan BrownReligie en spiritualiteit 6 apr 2023

    Jonathan Brown is the Alwaleed bin Talal Chair of Islamic Civilization in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and he is the Director of the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding. He received his BA in History from Georgetown University in 2000 and his doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago in 2006. Dr. Brown has studied and conducted research in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, South Africa, India, Indonesia and Iran.

    His book publications include The Canonization of al-Bukhari and Muslim: The Formation and Function of the Sunni Hadith Canon (Brill, 2007), Hadith: Muhammad’s Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World (Oneworld, 2009) and Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2011), which was selected for the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Bridging Cultures Muslim Journeys Bookshelf.

    His most recent book, Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenges and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy (Oneworld, 2014), was named one of the top books on religion in 2014 by the Independent. He has published articles in the fields of Hadith, Islamic law, Salafism, Sufism, Arabic lexical theory and Pre-Islamic poetry and is the editor in chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Law. Dr. Brown’s current research interests include Islamic legal reform and a translation of Sahih al-Bukhari.

  • Alaa ElsayedReligie en spiritualiteit 20 jul 2023

    Sheikh Alaa Elsayed was born in Cairo and lived in Egypt until he was 15 years old. During his youth, he spent his time as the goalie for the Junior National Team and moved to Toronto, Canada, in the late 1970’s.

    Sheikh Alaa worked as a Vice-President of Business Development for an international company, and during this time he competed and placed first in the 1992 Bermuda Triathlon.

    Sheikh Alaa has studied for his Bachelors in Shari’ah from the American International University, and has earned a scholarship from the Shari’ah Academy in Egypt/Florida. Sheikh Alaa has also received his ijazah of Qurʾan recitation for Ḥafṣ’an’Asim; studied comparative religion for five years through the IPCI in South Africa, and was on the board of directors of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

    Sheikh Alaa currently lives in Greater Toronto Area with his wife and three children. He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams as well as a member of Horizon Interfaith Communication Media Council. Prior to this he was an Imam for the Muslim Council of Calgary and acted as its media spokesperson. He has hosted Vision of Islam, a weekly television show which runs throughout Alberta, Canada. He also appeared as a speaker on Islam on various television channels.

    Sheikh Alaa was a member of the Calgary Multi-Faith Committee, and a member of the Muslim Christian Dialogue Committee. Sheikh Alaa received the Alberta Centennial award by the Alberta Government in 2005, granted to him for his outstanding service to the Alberta community.

    Currently Sheikh Alaa is the Director of Religious Affairs for the Islamic Centre of Canada-ISNA. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director for the Canadian Islamic Congress. Sheikh Alaa is a favourite tutor with AlKauthar and works closely with Mercy Mission’s projects worldwide.

  • 12th Region Sports PodcastNieuws, Sportnieuws 23 nov 2023

    A sports podcast covering south central Kentucky, specifically the 12th Region for Kentucky High School/Middle School Athletics. We Turn top headlines into a conversation.

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