Disney announces where its cruise ships will be sailing during late-2025, early-2026 (2024)

Disney Cruise Line is preparing to debut its new cruise ship, the Treasure, at Port Canaveral later this year.

But it also is planning ahead as far as 2026, with the cruise line's latest announcement of ship schedules out of Port Canaveral and other ports.

Disney's just-released ship schedules for October 2025 through May 2026 ― Disney's winter and spring cruise seasons ― shows that the cruise line will have three ships based on Port Canaveral during that time.

Disney currently bases two ships at Port Canaveral — the Fantasy and the Wish. But it will have three, starting when the Treasure starts sailing in December.

Where Disney ships are headed

Disney announces where its cruise ships will be sailing during late-2025, early-2026 (1)

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Here are the newly announced plans and itineraries for Disney ships that will be based at Port Canaveral:

  • The 2,713-passenger Disney Magic will have four- and five-night sailings from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas in October 2025, before switching home ports to San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the end of October, then to Galveston, Texas, in November 2025.
  • The 4,000-passenger Disney Fantasy will sail out of Port Canaveral on three-, four- and five-night cruises to the Bahamas starting in November 2025, replacing the Magic on the port's schedule. Before coming to Port Canaveral, the Fantasy will offer a special 13-night trans-Atlantic cruise sailing leaving Oct. 20, 2024, from Southampton, England, to Port Canaveral, with two port-of-call stops in Spain and one in Portugal.
  • The 4,000-passenger Disney Treasure will offer seven-night cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral.
  • The 4,000-passenger Disney Wish will offer three- and four-night cruises to the Bahama from Port Canaveral.

All the cruises out of Port Canaveral will include a port-of-call stop at one or both of Disney's private islands in the Bahamas — Castaway Cay and the new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, which had its first port-of-call visits this month.

"That's a lot of options out of Port Canaveral," said Scott Sanders, owner of the Celebration-based Disney Cruise Line Blog, which is not affiliated with Disney itself.

The Fantasy and the Magic will be switching places at Port Canaveral. The Fantasy currently is based at Port Canaveral, but will leave in May 2025, replaced by the Magic, before the Fantasy returns in November 2025.

The addition of a third Disney ship at Port Canaveral at the end of this year means Disney will be using two cruise terminals there, rather than one. Currently, when they are in port, Disney ships dock at Cruise Terminal 8, a terminal primarily used by Disney. But the third home-ported ship will result in Disney also using Cruise Terminal 10, which now currently is used primarily by MSC and Norwegian.

This is where Disney's two other ships will be during the fall 2025 to spring 2026 time frame:

  • The 2,713-passenger Disney Wonder will have multiple home ports, including Vancouver, British Columbia; Honolulu; Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and San Diego.
  • The 4,000-passenger Disney Dream will sail out of Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades with three-, four- and five-night sailings to the Bahamas, as well as five-night sailings to the Western Caribbean.

Disney will offer themed holiday sailings on some of it 2025 cruises, with Halloween on the High Seas cruises in September and October, then Very Merrytime sailings in November and December.

Bookings for the general public will open Friday for the winter 2024 through spring 2025 Disney cruises. Bookings for members of various Disney Cruise Line clubs open earlier this week.

Sanders said it is unusual for Disney to announce cruise ship schedules for two seasons at once. But he believes that is related to Disney planning a special announcement with the next few months about itineraries for two other Disney ships now under construction that will joining the fleet in 2025 ― the Disney Adventure and the Disney Destiny.

The 6,000-passenger Adventure will sail out of Singapore. Disney acquire that ship — partially built and then known as the Global Dream — from another cruise company.No home port has been announced for the 4,000-passenger Destiny.

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Disney announces where its cruise ships will be sailing during late-2025, early-2026 (2024)


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